Grab the Opportunity to Learn More About Oxen

Welcome Ox-K Farm

Ox-K Farm is dedicated to enriching children and young peoples lives by guiding and encouraging them to develop self-discipline, patience and self-confidence through interaction with oxen.


...on Ox-K Farm Discovery Center in the picturesque New England village of Gilford, NH. We are surrounded by the Belknap Mountain Range and hundreds of acres of forest.

You will be offered a unique thrilling opportunity to interact with our 2600lb. gentile giants. Experience hands on, all age's pet, walk, hand feed the oxen. Adults learn to yoke and drive a team. We use oxen to teach children about the impact that oxen had on American history. After spending hours of fun with the oxen on our farm, you can visit the covered bridge our oxen pulled in place. Make an appointment for your special time.

Your time is special to us. The appointment will be for your group or you, or your family at a time. Monday - Friday afternoons.